Case Study

World Green Building Council

Equipping global CEOs with
the tools to lead transformation

The Challenge

How do you unite a global network of senior leaders around a singular purpose?

The WorldGBC vision for their CEO Network is to “Celebrate. Inspire. Elevate!” And hopes to create a central leadership network that champions the global green building movement, and that leaders who have leveraged this network will be at the forefront of new and innovative business models for their organisation. However, bringing together a time-poor and geographically disparate group to unite on this purpose presents a significant challenge.

The Design

FutureMakers designed and delivered a high-impact engagement programme of short, interactive sessions designed to reset each GBC’s engagement with WorldGBC, nurture a powerful network of senior leaders within the GBC community. The content focused on providing the support to GBC CEOs to build their own resilience and agility, and providing them with insight and tools to rethink and pivot their business models to ensure radical adaptation in light of economic uncertainty.

Ultimately, the core aim was to provide the opportunity for GBC CEOs to rethink and adapt their own models at such a critical moment for climate change, the green building movement, and a global green recovery.

The Impact

FutureMakers designed an impactful and interactive programme that empowered and inspired GBC leaders to unite as a network to lead transformation of the built environment around the globe

“Futuremakers provided our CEO Network with a framework through which they can better identify external shifts that will influence their sector, the space to reflect on what it means to be an adaptive leader, and new ways to generate ideas as a group. This was especially valuable in 2020 during a globally turbulent year.”


Cristina Gamboa, Chief Executive