Case Study



The Challenge

How do you transform a rigorous sustainable innovation process and make it central to business success?

Wates Sustainable Technology Services (WSTS) is a successful sustainability services function within Wates that offers added value to clients through identification and implementation of new and innovative sustainable technologies and approaches, but it sometimes seen as “nice to have” rather than part of the core offering.

To fulfil Wates’ ambition to become sustainability and innovation leader within their industry, WSTS must become an integral part of the business and its services included within all projects, requiring a reappraisal of its approach, and a company-wide learning design to engage all areas in the business in its repositioning.

The Design

Through desktop research and interviews, FutureMakers assessed and advised on the future of WSTS as part of a wider sustainable innovation strategy being developed by the business. The assessment focussed on two specific areas: identification of opportunities for improvement of the existing model based on FutureMakers extensive experience with sustainable innovation, and a peer review of other actors in the built environment space, drawing on what WSTS could learn from competitors, clients and collaborators.

The Impact

The guidance FutureMakers have provided will help shape the future of WSTS and position it central to the core business offering, ensuring that all projects are at the cutting edge of sustainable innovation.

“By approaching problem-solving differently and inspiring teams on the scale of the opportunity, we’re putting sustainability front and centre of decision-making, and accelerating the transformation of our business.”


Tor Burrows, Director of Sustainability & Innovation