Argent LLP King’s Cross

Activating a community of tenants on a bold new ESG strategy

The Challenge

How do you ensure a community of tenants is activated and empowered to contribute to achieving bold sustainability goals?

With the launch of King’s Cross’ ten year ESG strategy, the next step was to ensure that every one of their community of corporate tenants was activated and engaged on this in a clear, considered and highly collaborative way so can contribute to the site-wide ESG goals set out by Argent LLP.

The Design

FutureMakers worked closely with Argent LLP to ensure the strategy and narrative for tenant engagement maximised the significant opportunities for collaboration and action on sustainability issues, so that the 10 year vision for King’s Cross could be delivered.

Through the creation of a tenant-focussed narrative and engagement approach that was considered from the point of view of the tenant, the King’s Cross team are now able to meet tenants where they’re at, clearly communicate their ambitious sustainability ambitions for the site, and clearly present the opportunities for them to engage and contribute to achievement of King’s Cross’ sustainability goals.

“FutureMakers have enabled us to dial up our sustainability strategy and craft a highly engaging narrative to drive action.  By taking a people-centred approach, we have engaged our community in a deeper way than ever before and have a renewed focus on the delivery of highly sustainable and innovative solutions.”

Angela Jewell, Community Engagement Manager