Case Study

Grosvenor Property UK

An employee-led experimentation programme

The Challenge

How do you equip and empower everyone within a business to drive the creation of sustainable solutions?

Grosvenor Property UK have an ambitious sustainability strategy and roadmap, but to deliver on it they recognised the need to empower their people to adopt a culture of curiosity across the whole business – to question, to explore and experiment with new thinking in order to create the new models that will help the business thrive into the future.

The Design

In addition to supporting with the overall positioning of their “Future+” innovation programme, FutureMakers designed an employee-led experimentation programme that provides all the tools and guidance needed for employees to experiment with sustainable innovation within their roles, the aim being that all employees, no matter the role or business function, are empowered to explore, learn, fail fast and develop new products, processes, and services to benefit the business.

Through a straightforward and clear process from challenge identification through ideation, testing, and implementation, there are no barriers to entry, and employees are provided all the resources and support they could need to incubate their idea within the business – including budget and in-work time.

The Impact

Since the launch of the Future+ programme in late 2020, there have been c.90 Future+ trials, with approximately 70% of successful trials being embedded into business-as-usual.
So far, Grosvenor Property UK have saved:
  • £325k in costs;
  • 550 tonnes carbon equivalent through a variety of different solutions such as Demand Logic (a company that GPUK has since invested in);
  • 150 days of repetitive work through various reporting automation;
  • 1600 litres of water through completed trials like rainwater harvesting.
In a company survey performed in 2019, only 34% of staff thought GPUK was an innovative business. As a result of the Future+ innovation programme and supporting initiatives, 85% of staff now consider Grosvenor Property UK to be an innovative business.
“By working in partnership to develop and launch an employee led innovation programme, FutureMakers have provided creative ways of engaging our entire organisation so everyone feels empowered, motivated and equipped to experiment and innovate with new ideas, products and services.”


Andy Doyle, Innovation Director