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Inspiring audiences to forge a sustainable future

Our founders inspire individuals and organisations, dialling up ambition and unlocking the power of people powered change, innovation and regenerative business practice.

Content is tailored to the specific event and audience, but focuses on topics of transformational leadership, purpose, regenerative business models, and sustainable innovation. Every talk is customised with sector-relevant case studies and leadership examples. Not only do keynotes illuminate what the future holds—from AI and blockchain to existential risks and generational disruption—they also indicate how audience members must change to forge the future they want to see.


Topics &

  • Setting a net positive strategy
  • From sustainable to regenerative business
  • Turning sustainability strategy into action
  • Driving a culture of experimentation and innovation
  • Putting sustainability at the heart of business transformation
  • Open innovation
  • Learning design
  • Key sustainability trends
  • The future of business
  • Drivers of Change

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