Unlock the creative potential of your people to experiment within implement sustainable solutions

We work with you to create and embed innovative tools and approaches that enable your teams to develop and experiment with sustainable technologies and regenerative solutions.


  • Employee-led sustainable innovation programmes
  • Creativity & experimentation toolkits
  • Sustainable innovation strategy & execution

How we’ve supported our clients

Break through your

These are just a selection of the innovation challenges our clients bring us.

We want to nurture a culture of experimentation and disruptive innovation within an organisation

We want to empower employees to develop new sustainable and innovative products, processes and business models

We want to develop radical and sustainable business models, fit for the future

What we’ve done

From innovation sprints to employee-led experimentation programmes.
  • Design and delivery of a company-wide employee-led innovation initiative to engage all employees and equip them with the resources to embrace new thinking and develop new business models
  • Creation and delivery of a sustainable innovation toolkit to guide users through a simple but effective innovation process
  • Design and delivery of business transformation sprint workshops to generate disruptive approaches, process and products
  • Creation and delivery of a young leaders innovation programme to develop the disruptive sustainable business models of the future in multi-organisational teams

What changed

Our work gives results
and generates impact.
  • Significant increase in engagement of employees on sustainable innovation internal perception of how innovative the organisation is (as shown in internal surveys)
  • Step change in number of sustainable products and processes being developed & trailed (i.e.50 new trials within 6 months of launch of sustainable innovation toolkit)
  • Increased organisational capacity to visualise and engage with sustainability-led disruptive innovation
  • Creation of radical new disruptive business models to safeguard the future of a sector (e.g. property, retail, finance etc)

By working in partnership to develop and launch an employee led innovation programme, FutureMakers have provided creative ways of engaging our entire organisation so everyone feels empowered.

Andy Doyle
Innovation Director, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland