Empower all employees, helping them understand their role in delivering your sustainability ambitions

We work with you to deliver transformative learning and behaviour change programmes that unlock the most powerful force for change in your business—your people.


  • Sustainability learning needs analysis
  • Organisation-wide activation programmes
  • Board sustainability activation programmes
  • Employee engagement & people empowerment sustainability programmes
  • Sustainable behaviour change tools & interventions

Examples of transformative sustainability initiatives we deliver around Activation include:

Bring your sustainability
ambitions to life through an
organisation-wide event
designed to connect to
& empower every single one
of your employees, providing
the inspiration, tools & guidance
to drive action and impact.


Engage every team & function
across your organisation in a
series of roadshow events to
bring your sustainability strategy
to life and start a dialogue to help
every function understand their
contribution in delivering on
your sustainability ambitions.


Nurture and empower your most
passionate and curious minds to take
a lead in tackling your organisation's
most pressing challenges, creating
the conditions for innovation, and
driving sustainability activity and
impact across your business
through a formalised network.


How we’ve supported our clients

Break through your

These are just a selection of the culture challenges our clients bring us.

We want to empower all employees, helping them understand their role in delivering our sustainability ambitions

We are committed to building the capacity of employees and stakeholders to take action on sustainability

Do you have bold ambitions in place but need to start delivering on them?

What we’ve done

Activating people to reach their full potential.
  • Design and delivery of a company-wide employee activation summit and virtual learning programme, based on learning needs analysis, to empower all employees
  • Design and delivery of a virtual network activation programme designed to bring together a group of global senior leaders around a common purpose
  • Design and delivery of a board activation event to unite senior leadership around a bold new company sustainability vision

What changed

Our work gives results
and generates impact.
  • Deep board engagement on sustainability leading to a renewed confidence to lead the organisation to achieve the bold sustainability vision
  • Company-wide employee activation on a bold sustainability strategy, leading to mindset shift, behaviour change and sustainability being embedded in every day decision-making

Our CEO network is energised, with new insights, tools and techniques to keep driving forward with more innovation and impact.

Cristina Gamboa
Chief Executive, World Green Building Council