Friday Inspiration #4


10 December 2021

Friday, 10 December 2021

Here comes FutureMakers with our third Friday Inspiration to inject that extra bit of positivity and inspiration into our community of change makers to energise you through the coming weeks.

An innovation we like…

Morrisons ditches soya for insects in chicken feed to hatch carbon neutral eggs

The transition to a plant-based diet is the single biggest contribution any of us can make to tackle the climate crisis, but it’s quite an ask for many – either as a preference, or simply a habit that’s hard to shake. Morrisons have taken on the challenge to create zero carbon eggs by partnering with Better Origin to replace soya with protein-rich insects in their chicken feed—one example of what the future of food might look like.

Something hopeful we’ve read…

Net Zero: 4 Signs We’re on the Verge of a Systems Change

With COP26 now behind us, attention turns to how we can drive the change we drastically need. While a recent survey uncovered an alarming amount of fatalism in younger generations, this article suggests we’re on the cusp of a big shift in the right direction now that net-zero commitments now cover two-thirds of the global economy.

A signal of change we’re noticing…

Closed stores get new lease in community life

The high street as we know it may be changing—brick and mortar stores are downsizing, moving online or vanishing entirely, leaving vacant property and cries of a collapsing local economy in their wake. But the good news is that there are plenty of outfits, initiatives and organisations champing at the bit to give these buildings a new lease of life, and contribute to the growth of a new local economy.

Something we’ve watched…

Dear Darkening Ground by Rainer Maria Rilke

Life on our planet is astonishingly, stupendously beautiful—and every now and again we need a reminder to reconnect with it and remember what we’re fighting for. In the preface for a life-affirming animated reading of Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem, Daniel Christian Wahl explains how, rather than fear, the image of the world becoming forest again leaves him with “a sense of trust in life’s inherent capacity and potential for regeneration”.

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