Friday Inspiration #2


5 November 2021

Friday, 05 November 2021

Here comes FutureMakers with the second Friday Inspiration to inject that extra bit of positivity and inspiration into our community of change makers to energise you through the coming weeks.

Something we’ve (re)published…

What does business need to do to deliver net zero?

We’re in the midst of COP26, and attention has turned once again to how we—as businesses, governments and society—achieve net zero carbon. Funnily enough, and not to toot our own horn, we wrote a piece around this time last year that reads as strangely prescient and contains some practical ways for you and your business to engage with net zero carbon. We’ve republished it today so that you too can bring zero carbon to life in your organisation.

A great resource we’ve found…

Good Life 2030

We could all use a healthy dose of optimism from time to time—it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re fighting for and become despondent in the face of everything. This is where they power of storytelling comes in—through Good Life 2030, smart advertising insiders Purpose Disruptors are determined to help others articulate that positive vision of the future and better connect people with the scale of both the challenge and the opportunity. Check it out—dare we dream?

An ambitious roadmap we’ve read…

Unilever Climate Transition Action Plan

Unilever have long been seen as sustainability pioneers in the multinational game and were one of the first to announce an intention to achieve net zero carbon. Earlier this year they made the first concrete steps in turning that intention into action and published their Climate Transition Action Plan, setting out—clearly, thoughtfully, and with an eye on their role within the system—exactly how the plan to achieve this goal.

Something we’ve (re)watched…

The Age of Stupid

It can be hard to stomach the cognitive dissonance world leaders flying from around the world in their private jets to hold talks on how to tackle the climate crisis. It reminded us of the excellent The Age of Stupid—told from the vantage point of a desolate 2055 by the late but glorious Pete Postlethwaite, this heartfelt and passionate documentary charts where it all went wrong for our species. Its lesson is one of hope, though, that it can all be averted if we can just set our set our mind to it and take action. (Available to rent on Vimeo and Amazon Prime)

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