Friday Inspiration #16


13 January 2023

Friday, 13 January 2023

Here comes FutureMakers with another Friday Inspiration to inject that extra bit of positivity and inspiration into our community of change makers to energise you through the coming weeks.

Signals of change we’ve seen…

Why the future looks bright for sustainability in 2023

2022 was a little rocky for sustainability and ESG specifically—but if trends analysis from Edie and Sustainable Brandsare anything to go by 2023 will see a hugely positive response—the rise of “profit-for-purpose” business models, efforts to combat greenwash, to the recognition of employees as “critical stakeholders” in organisational purpose.

Something we’ve listened to…

How to rethink behaviours around climate to accelerate the shift we need to see

The second episode of the climate-focussed instalment of the BBC’s “Rethink” series, Rethink Climate: Behaviour and communication explores the huge role everyday folk—not just nations and businesses—can have in the climate fight by adjusting our mindset.

A demonstration of leadership we’ve seen…

3M sets rapid 2025 deadline to cease manufacturing “forever chemicals”

They’re used in virtually everything, but it’s only in recent years that attention has turned to substances that are not only harmful to health, but also linger in our environment for a very, very long time. Great news then that 3M—one of the largest manufacturers of such substances—has taken the step to close the book on them within 3 years!

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