Friday Inspiration #12


2 September 2022

Friday, 2 September 2022

Here comes FutureMakers with another Friday Inspiration to inject that extra bit of positivity and inspiration into our community of change makers to energise you through the coming weeks.

A signal of change we’ve noticed…

Household brands step up their packaging reduction game

Reports that Coca-Cola, Pesi and McDonalds are responsible for 39% of branded packaging waste in the UK demonstrate the pressure on brands to act fast.

Hopefully they start to take examples from their more forward looking peers: Lidl have ramped up sourcing “ocean-bound” plastics in an effort to to remove two billion pieces of plastic packaging by the end of 2022, and this year Co-op partnered with Unilever to trial refills in its stores.

Something we’ve watched…

John Oliver digests Carbon Offsetting for a mainstream audience

They’re a useful measure of last resort, but we can’t help but notice that some companies choose to use them in place of actually making the effort to reduce emissions.

In his own usual dry and hilarious way, John Oliver has taken aim at corporate enthusiasm for voluntary carbon offsetting, all the while making the issue clear and understandable for a general audience.

An inspiring partnership we’ve seen…

Adidas & Allbirds partner to create transparently low-carbon footwear

Not only do they claim that these are the lowest-carbon running shoes ever produced, but every pair of FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT trainers produced through this partnership makes the carbon intensity of their production, use and disposal clear to the consumer.

Yes, it’s a great marketing strategy, but what if all our products and services took pointers from this approach to communicate their impacts?

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