Sustainable vs regenerative

where should your business be heading?

Webinar Recording

(original broadcast 23 June 2021)

As more and more businesses begin to see the limits of ‘doing less harm’, new models are emerging that drive fundamentally new ways of doing business, rather than improving the old.

In this short yet powerful webinar we make the case for going beyond sustainability, and help you consider what the next step could be for your organisation. We introduce the concept of regenerative business, explaining the key differences between ‘sustainability’ and ‘regenerative’, and provide inspiration for you and your business to go even further in delivering positive environmental and social impact.

Content overview

Having worked with many organisations at different stages of their sustainability journey, we see how a shift to a regenerative mindset can help drive dial up ambition and innovation in solving environmental and social challenges.

On this webinar we share our insights and examples on the key differences between sustainability and regenerative to help you frame your own business strategies and activities in a radically new way, so you play a more active role in the shift towards a healing, restorative and regenerative world.

By viewing, you will gain a new perspective to help your organisation on it’s sustainability journey. You will:

  • Learn about the concept of regenerative business and why a shift to a more regenerative model could solve so many of the challenges faced by organisations right now
  • Know how to distinguish between ‘sustainability’ and ‘regenerative’ (i.e. that regeneration always supports sustainability, but not all action on sustainability is regenerative)
  • Be inspired to go to the next level as you hear principles, insights and examples of regenerative business

Who’s it for?

This webinar is for anyone who wants an introduction to ‘regenerative business’ and for their organisation to make a more positive environmental and social impact.

You could be a sustainability professional, an innovator, a strategist, a CEO, a ‘get stuff done’ person… Whether you’re feeling worried about the future, overwhelmed and lost in the detail of sustainability or regenerative business, or throughly excited to get going, this webinar will give you a new perspective on driving positive impact across any organisation.