Sustainable Innovation Discovery

Sustainable Ventures and FutureMakers Global partner to deliver the Sustainable Innovation Discovery for corporate businesses
Have you set ambitious sustainability goals for 2030 and are looking for sustainable technologies, products, and services to help you achieve them?

Sustainable Ventures and FutureMakers Global partner to deliver the Sustainable Innovation Discovery for corporate businesses. For an individual business, we apply a sustainable framework in a way that is customised to solving your identified business challenges and sustainability goals by connecting you with emerging start-ups and enabling you to identify and trial innovative and highly sustainable solutions.

Benefits for your business

  • Enable you to identify and clearly articulate the problems your business wants to solve/challenges to overcome (in specific reference to your sustainability/ESG commitments);
  • Source existing and embryonic innovations that solve your identified problems/challenges;¬†
  • Set the foundation for live sustainability innovation trials to be commenced within your business in a matter of months;
  • Provide the space and a tested framework to develop new concepts that inform future products, services and business models;
  • Drive a culture of experimentation and innovation amongst your employees;
  • Provide a way for you to reconnect with customers and suppliers on the problems that matter.

How does it work?

This is a 3-step process spanning a 6-9 month period, where we work with you to identify the challenges you want solving, and then source sustainable innovations from the Sustainable Ventures innovator network (and beyond) to solve them.

  1. Ignition: Kick-off, challenge definition, programme launch
  2. Investigation: Sustainability innovation desktop review, sustainability innovation competition, sustainability innovation summary document
  3. Integration: Integration of sustainability innovations, sustainability innovation showcase event
  4. Implementation (optional): Scaling within the business, technical integration, rolling out additional trials and proof of concepts, coordinating technology and commercial relationships

Why Us?

The partnership between Sustainable Ventures and FutureMakers represents the best insight of sustainability startups, corporate culture change, and sustainability innovation practices.

Depending on the problems you want to solve, this sustainable innovation journey could focus around themes including:

  • Climate action (zero carbon, energy efficiency and energy storage, transport and mobility, building tech)
  • Circular economy (resources, waste reduction, food and agritech, alternative materials)
  • Health and well-being (air quality and biodiversity)

Innovations leverage big data, robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, alternative materials, and building technologies.

Download our programme overview to find out more