Forge a net-positive future with

the regenerative business bootcamp

Are you considering how your business can play a more active role in ensuring a 1.5 degree world, restoring ecological systems, and promoting health and wellbeing of your employees, occupiers, and the communities you serve?

The Regenerative Business Bootcamp convenes ambitious businesses operating across multiple sectors and value chains, so together participating organisations will learn about the principles of regenerative business and challenge and support each other to push sustainability ambition to the next level.

The Bootcamp has been designed to work as a highly complimentary programme to your ongoing sustainability activities, and provides the space and time for you to go further, exploring what the first steps might look like for your organisation in the transition to a truly regenerative model. The bootcamp runs for 3 months, with each session taking place virtually, once every 2-3 weeks (designed to fit alongside your busy work schedules).

Key benefits
  • Business learnings: gain insight, case studies and inspiration for accelerating the journey to become a regenerative business so you can adapt your strategic and operational approach.
  • Connections: work alongside likeminded change-makers from different sectors who are driving ambitious programmes in their business.
  • Brand profile: raise the profile of your organisation by sponsoring a briefing note on regenerative business across sectors – thought leadership credentials, brand, employee brand, reward talent/passion.
  • Sustainability leadership: get the space, time and inspiration you need to go even further with your organisation’s sustainability ambition by exploring what the first steps look like in the transition to a truly regenerative business model.
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