A New Language for


The language of sustainability is stuck in a grammar of limitation and reduction. Sustainability needs a new lexicon – one of creativity, vision and imagination.

Not only is the current language of sustainability demoralising and diminishing of our creative capacities, when we focus on damage-limitation it also reduces the vast array of potential positive impacts we can make – it is no longer enough to limit environmental footprints, or focus separately on environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and economic sustainability.

In this Decade of Action, we have to leave the ecosystems we extract resources from better than when we left them, and this means consciously designing for business models and processes that leave a positive impact and help regenerate the ecologies and communities we are extracting from or serving.

Download The Language of Creative Sustainability to find out how you can reframe your use of language to help set you up for success in establishing and achieving your organisation’s bold sustainability ambitions in delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.