Our Work

Transforming organisations from the inside out

What our clients say

Our Work: Cristina Gamboa, WGBC
Our Work: Tor Burrows, Grosvenor
Our Work: Martin Gettings, CWG
Our Work: Andy Doyle, Grosvenor

Examples of our work

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Empowering employees to lead transformation through a comprehensive sustainability training programme

Canary Wharf Group

Upgrading sustainability ambition and crafting a compelling narrative for transformation

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

An employee-led sustainable innovation programme to drive culture change and business transformation


Rejuvinating a powerful sustainable innovation process & positioning it as central to business success

World Green Building Council

Equipping global CEOs with the tools to lead sector transformation

King's Cross

Engaging communities on an ambitious ESG programme

FutureMakers have helped us think differently so we can move forward on sustainability with even more clarity, ambition, and impact.

Martin Gettings
Director – Sustainability, Canary Wharf Group

How we have supported our clients


Some of the challenges our clients bring to us:

We need to develop a bold and ambitious sustainability strategy that differentiates us from our peers and stands up to external scrutiny.

We need to be challenged and inspired on what could be possible (not be contained by our current thinking).

We are worried we’re too inward looking.


Some of the challenges our clients bring to us:

We want to empower all employees, helping them understand their role in delivering our sustainability ambitions.

We are committed to building the capacity of employees and stakeholders to take action on sustainability.


Some of the challenges our clients bring to us:

We want to nurture a culture of experimentation and disruptive innovation within an organisation.

We want to empower employees to develop new sustainable and innovative products, processes and business models.

We want to develop radical and sustainable business models, fit for the future.

Our CEO network is energised, with new insights, tools and techniques to keep driving forward with more innovation and impact and deliver sustainable buildings for everyone, everywhere.

Cristina Gamboa
Chief Executive, World Green Building Council

Our Track Record

Designed & delivered audience-insight led innovation program that initiated the creation of the most successful TV show in global history.

Designed & delivered transformational innovation program for process innovations for the health system around new cancer therapies.

Led co-design program to-create the first Innovation Lab for political policy and campaigning.

Co-designed and co-delivered open innovation program engaging industry in sustainable business model innovation for the built environment.

Innovate UK
Designed and delivered open innovation program to engage inventors and innovators in the built environment to drive the government investment strategy for sustainable buildings.

Designed & delivered consumer-led innovation program across the brand portfolio in North America. Designed & delivered research and innovation program for first responsible drinking campaign for Diageo globally.

Designed & delivered long-range innovation program for global laundry business to synchronize emerging consumer insights with emerging technologies and R&D capabilities.

Designed and delivered retail and product range research and innovation programs. Designed and deployed employee-led idea and experimentation program across 200,000 people across the business.

Designed and delivered employee-led consumer research and innovation program across all brands.

Designed and led transformational innovation program for B2B business mode innovation delivering short-, mid-, and long-term innovation roadmap across leasing.