Where sustainability meets people-powered innovation

In A Nutshell

We are a creative sustainability consultancy with a mission to put sustainability at the heart of successful business. We uniquely combine sustainability expertise and human powered solutions to develop ambitious strategy, drive behaviour change, and unlock innovation so that organisations can achieve their full potential.

We are a creative sustainability consultancy with a mission to transform businesses to become fully sustainable and regenerative.

We leverage a unique mix of sustainability consulting, stakeholder engagement, behaviour change strategy, and innovation consultancy to ensure your organisation is taking a leading role in the restoration of a damaged world.

We work with business as advisors, coaches, and challengers – to dial up sustainability ambition and build the capacity of your organisation to deliver on its ESG strategy and play its part in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Approach

We know that we can’t create deliver sustainable business with targets and reports. Instead we need to activate entire organisations on sustainability, so that entire organisations can be equipped and empowered to deliver sustainable solutions at pace to meet the challenges we face.

FutureMakers isn’t about applying a standardised procedure to your challenges. We work with business as advisors, coaches, and challengers – to dial up sustainability ambition and build the capacity of your organisation to deliver on its ESG strategy and play its part in contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We use our expertise to dive deep into your business, and work as part of your team to really understand your existing culture and identify the most effective ways for you to unlock the creativity and potential of your people to drive you to your sustainability goals.

The climate crisis, ecological breakdown, civic unrest, and searing social inequalities are not tomorrow’s problems. They are today’s emergencies.

We know that there are no simple technical answers or strategic silver bullets to this serious series of challenges. Yet we also believe that, within the enormous challenges, there is an unprecedented business opportunity: to transform into a regenerative business model.

Through establishing bold sustainability ambitions and supporting ESG strategy, organisational culture change and people empowerment, business can deliver a net positive impact where profit is balanced with purpose so shareholders, employees, citizens, and the planet all win.

Sustainable & Regenerative
business strategy

We bring next-level sustainability consultancy and expertise to help you be bold, and leverage stakeholder insight to set an ambitious sustainability vision and drive action on the issues that matter.


We are experts in employee engagement and behaviour change strategy, and we design and deliver empowering and engaging culture change interventions premised on nurturing motivation for an ecologically and socially just world.


We bring a systematic and rigorous innovation framework to develop sustainable products, services, processes and business model innovations that create net positive impact.

Our Founders

FutureMakers is a global sustainability consultancy founded by two purpose-driven entrepreneurs who share a common vision of regenerative business.

Our founders, Cat Hirst and Nick Jankel have a unique combination of skills and expertise. Cat has over 15 years of sustainability, learning and behaviour change expertise and understands that people need to drive the change we need. Nick is a change leader – combining deep experience in innovation and neuroscience based leadership theory and practice.

Between us, we have worked with scores of multi-nationals, non-profits, government departments and ambitious start-ups and scale-ups – from Unilever to Grosvenor Estates, from WWF to the NHS – on projects driven by sustainability, innovation, strategy and human resources. We aim to bring all these verticals together to bring about people-powered transformation for a regenerative future.


Find out more about the co-founders Cat and Nick below


Cat is a highly motivated senior leader with over 15 years strategic and technical sustainability consulting experience.   She works an advisor, strategist, coach, and thought leader to drive people and business to more outcomes that are better for people, the environment and wider society.  She transforms organisations by working with them to dial up their sustainability ambitions and shift their strategy, culture, products, services, and operating models to achieve them.  She is an energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate sustainability thought leader motivated by a desire to shift sustainability from ‘doing less harm’ to becoming a source of creativity for organisations, their employees and the customers and community they serve.

In over a decade of developing and delivering sustainability strategies, learning and leadership programmes she holds a firm belief that technical solutions alone will not achieve the change we need to see – we need to inspire, and empower leadership at every level to shift to a regenerative economy.  Cat has developed numerous learning, leadership, culture change programmes for FTSE 100 companies which have engaged entire organisations in sustainability from future leaders up to C-suite executives. She has delivered sustainable innovation labs, also authored a Guide to Sustainable Innovation.


Nick Jankel is a Cambridge-educated medic and philosopher of science who has built a career in systemic change and transformation. Having founded a strategic innovation agency working with major multinationals to manage threats and seize opportunities core to their future survival in his early 20s, Nick experienced a major life epiphany at age 30 and rediscovered his purpose: to reduce suffering and increase thriving in our socio-economic systems. As a result, he founded Switch On, a transformation company that is run as a social enterprise that has worked with WWF on systemic regenerative innovation, the British Council on scaling social enterprise, Oxfam on their policy and campaigning innovation lab, The Young Foundation on systemic social innovation, Rockefeller on systemic social innovation. He has also advised corporates like Unilever and Diageo on responsible and sustainable brand and innovation strategies.

A prolific writer and thought leader, he is the author of a number of influential papers on systemic social and environmental innovation and has lectured on these themes at Oxford, Yale, and LBS. He has twice given keynotes on systemic change at No.10 Downing Street. Including to the Permanent Secretaries of every ministry; and has collaborated with Ashoka, Ultd, SoCap, Impact Hub, Acumen, and Omidyar Network amongst many others.