Creatively turning sustainability intention into action


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We work with businesses that want to be bold, act fast, and put sustainability at the heart of their organisation.

 Only by fully harnessing the creativity of your people can your organisation deliver on ambitious environmental and social goals with the urgency required. And that’s why FutureMakers is a sustainability consultancy with a difference. We fundamentally change the way your business delivers on its sustainability ambitions by working alongside you to increase ambition, inspire hearts, shift mindsets, and grow the creative capacity of your people.  We drive greater ambition, agility and engagement in your organisation helping you accelerate your transition to become a fully sustainable and ultimately regenerative business.

We work with businesses that want to be bold, act fast, and put sustainability and regenerative practices at the heart of their organisation.

But without fully harnessing the power of your people, your organisation cannot envision or drive forward ambitious environmental and social goals. And that’s why we can help.

FutureMakers is a sustainability consultancy with a difference. We help you overcome the barriers in embedding sustainability by creating space for new strategic possibilities, innovative ways of working, and experimentation with sustainable solutions.

We inspire hearts, shift mindsets, and change behaviours to make things happen, so your organisation can achieve its full potential as a sustainable business.

We call this creative sustainability.

We support your organisation across three areas:

Sustainability Strategy

Working with you to co-create and articulate an inspirational sustainability and regenerative vision, narrative and ambitious roadmap for delivery so you can achieve your goals.

  • Sustainability auditing, benchmarking & materiality
  • Sustainability stakeholder engagement
  • Horizon scanning & business model position research
  • Vision co-creation & goal setting
  • Net positive strategies

Sustainability Activation

Working with you to deliver transformative learning and behaviour change programmes that unlock the most powerful force for change in your business — your people.

  • Sustainability learning needs analysis & engagement strategy 
  • Board sustainability activation sessions
  • Company-wide employee activation events and summits 

Sustainability Integration

Working with you to embed a sustainability culture and approaches that enable your teams to develop new solutions and accelerate achievement of your organisation’s sustainability ambitions.

  • Sustainability Champion programmes
  • Function-specific sustainability roadshows
  • Employee-focused tools and guidance
We work with businesses who have already started on their sustainability journey, but know they want to go further, faster.

We help remove the roadblocks for change by making sustainability creative.  We work to capture the imagination of your employees and customers, galvanising activity and generating excitement about how your organisation can leave the world better.  Whether that be through stakeholder insight studies, strategy co-creation, employee-wide activation summits, empowerment programmes, young leaders initiatives, board retreats or job-specific sustainability guidance. We ensure sustainability is a source of excitement and transformation, not compliance and overwhelm.

What could your business do next?

Engage with employees to identify
any gaps in ESG understanding and
capability across the business and
produce a strategic plan with a clear
and practical action list and timeline
for implementation to ensure all
employees have clarity on your
sustainability ambitions.


Provide your boards, leadership teams
and sustainability teams
 with the time
and space to 
reflect on their role within a
system, company purpose and
sustainability strategy, arming them
with the future trends, insights and
inspiration to think creatively
about the future of your business.


Bring your sustainability
ambitions to life through an
organisation-wide event
designed to connect to
& empower every single one
of your employees, providing
the inspiration, tools & guidance
to drive action and impact.


Nurture and empower your most
passionate and curious minds to take
a lead in tackling your organisation's
most pressing challenges, creating
the conditions for innovation, and
driving sustainability activity and
impact across your business
through a formalised network.


Engage every team & function
across your organisation in a
series of roadshow events to
bring your sustainability strategy
to life and start a dialogue to help
every function understand their
contribution in delivering on
your sustainability ambitions.


How can your organisation ensure it is fixing the world’s problems instead of creating them?
You may already have a strategy in place but how do you ensure it’s bold enough?
How do you get your entire organisation activated and empowered on the delivery of your goals?
Our Work: Cristina Gamboa, WGBC
Our Work: Tor Burrows, Grosvenor
Our Work: Martin Gettings, CWG

We are a sustainability consultancy with a difference.
We focus on:

Net positive

…not minimising harm


…not continuous improvement


…not compliance

Real action

…not data & reports